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We provide a full range of netting, twine & rope (including wire rope) and an extensive range of hardware and fittings (including stainless steel) and products for commercial fishing, logging, yachting, engineering, heavy lifting, building and many other industries.

We originate from Reykjavik in Iceland, our design and production of innovative fishing gear has enabled us to successfully establish net lofts and repair facilities world wide.

Hampidjan New Zealand has been operating since 1997 with branches in Nelson and Timaru. On 1 April 2006 we purchased the operations of Nelrig Wire Rope Services as a further step in our long term commitment to provide great service and a comprehensive range of quality products to our customers.

Hampidjan New Zealand Ltd supplies the following Hampidjan Ltd products:

DYNICE® 75 – Extreme strength ropes for fishing gear, lifting gear, offshore industries and numerous other rope applications. The wire rope replacement of the future.

MAGNET – netting and twines for all kinds of trawling operations.

GLORIA – range of midwater trawls. For pelagic and semi pelagic fisheries.

POLY-ICE® - trawl doors.

THYBORON - trawl doors.

MALLETA - Combination semi-wired rope.